Thursday, September 29, 2011

French Toast

I stopped by Bread and Butter (my friend Chris Herrin's new bakery opening this Saturday) to give him a bakery "shower" gift I made. He has a butterfly themed ladies room. So I made a butterfly mosaic out of butter cartons. It was fun to make it with my mom helping draw the butterfly form for me to follow. I think it turned out cute.

After we made the project, Mom and I sampled several of the butters I bought to make the project. Our favorite is was Straus Family Creamery butter. So creamy and slightly sweet.

When we left, Chris gave us a test loaf of bread. I went home and made french toast. This was pure heaven. Fresh cage free brown eggs and milk, mexican vanilla and a bit of freshly grated nutmeg. I spread the French toast with some of that creamy Straus butter. Then to top it off I took some of the fresh Utah peaches my mom gave me and made a chunky syrup out of them to pour over the top. It was the best French Toast I had ever made. Chris's bread had such a nice crust to it and just the perfect amount of sour dough flavoring to be good as French Toast.

I am excited for his bakery to open but I am a little afraid that it is going to be super counter productive for my diet. Good thing it is not around the corner from my house or I would really be in trouble.

This week has been full of doing things for others. Our ward fed the homeless this week at a local food kitchen. Some ladies and I took dinner for 40 to the Bench family tonight as they gather and prepare for the funeral tomorrow. We have been coordinating for people who want to do something to help that family. It feels good to serve and give till you really feel it. It stretches you. It is like that good kind of burn when you are working out. It is the kind of hurt you want to feel because you know it is doing something. You are growing and changing and making a difference, even if the difference is mainly in your own soul.

It has been an incredibly busy week, a hard week, a tiring week, but all in a good way.