Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WANTED: Mormons Willing to Share

Are you Mormon? Does your faith bring you happiness, peace, and joy? Would you like a non-scary way to share the joy the gospel brings to your life with others? Well I have just the thing for you!

I am betting that at least 90% of the Mormons who read the above said "Yes. Yes. And Um YES!" 

If you have spent any time reading this blog you know that I am Mormon (or in other much longer words, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) I didn't start this blog as a way to share my beliefs with others. But when Camille died, my faith and beliefs were the driving force for getting me out of bed and keeping air going in and out of my lungs everyday. So when I began blogging about my journey through grief, I had to include some aspects of my faith. Without this my "story" would be incomplete. 

In the process of my sharing I have answered many questions about what we crazy Mormons believe. :O) These questions have come from the good faith curiosity of readers who asked them. We have had some really good discussions along the way in comments that has been uplifting and informative for everyone involved. 

The church has seen that many people are more comfortable asking questions and getting answers from someone they feel they know (even an internet friend) than asking missionaries on the street. So they are creating a new site where we Mormons can go create a profile page of our own and give our answers to questions like "Why Am I A Mormon?" or "How do we feel about Joseph Smith" or "Do Mormons practice Polygamy?" 

There are tons of questions and you choose which ones you want to answer. You share a little information about yourself (nothing to compromise your privacy though) and you can even link your profile page to your blog, Twitter, or Facebook account. 

This new website won't be active and going online for everyone to explore for a while, but it is open for Mormons to upload their profiles right now! I just uploaded my profile last night. The goal is to get as many profiles uploaded by as many different people as we can before the site goes live. 

SO..... If you are Mormon and want to share ... Go to and Sign in if you have an LDS Account (the one you use to check your ward website) or Register to get an LDS Account (you will need your membership number from your temple recommend or ward clerk and your birthday to register.) It will take you to your own Profile Page and you can start uploading your information and answers. 

Then tell every Mormon you know to follow your lead and do the same! Old and young, male and female, every ethnicity! We want to show a true picture of how diverse a group we Mormons really are.

You should know that this is SUPER EASY to do. You do not need to be a computer guru. I am seriously technically challenged. But if you know how to go to the link above and click a mouse you should be able to create a page. Oh and it might help to know how to select a photo to upload. If you have trouble getting into the site just keep trying. Sometimes I have had trouble and yet it has worked out if I just tried again a little later. If you do it I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment!

For those of you who are not Mormon and are still reading this post (boy are you a faithful reader!) Please let me know if you have any questions you want to see my answers to and I will make sure to answer them on my profile page. Thanks!