Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kid Quote of the Day

Sabrina came home from school on Friday telling me that she finished her next level of math minute. These are timed math tests. She has been doing flash cards at home trying to get better at this. She hates being timed.

So she told me she finished her timed test on Friday but because it was Friday she didn't get to bring it home yet. I kept asking her if she REALLY did it, since I told her if she could finish it this week I would take her for a scoop of ice cream.

Last night we took her for her scoop of ice cream. Today I was teasing her about how she better have really done it and not been kidding me. Annie said, "Hey Mom, I know how you can know. Just ask her some of those math questions and see if she knows them."

Then Sabrina butted in with, "No Annie that won't work. I have to SEE them! I am a virtual person!"