Monday, September 8, 2008

A Conversation with Sabrina

I don't have many photos of Sabrina holding Camille, but it was a daily occurrence around our house. Sabrina loved to tote Camille around on her hip like a little Mama. I think that is what Sabrina misses most is holding her baby sister. 

This morning I was having some alone time with Sabrina. I asked her if she ever felt mad that Camille isn't with us here anymore. 

"Mad?" she asked. "No. Not mad. But I do miss her." Then she began to tell me about a show she watched that reminded her of Camille. "I was watching Franklin the other day," she said. "And in it Harriett had a blue blanket that Franklin had given to her. It was to make her feel better when she was sad or hurt. Well in the show, Harriett and a little boy named Kit got hurt at the playground and Harriett got a Bandaid for her scrape. Then she went to visit Kit and make sure he was okay. He had sprained his ankle. Harriett gave Kit her special blanket to help him feel better while his ankle hurt. Then when Kit felt better he gave the blanket back to Harriett.

"It reminded me of two things about Camille. First, it reminded me of the magic blanket that someone gave us to feel better when we miss Camille. Also, it made me think that Harriett is like Jesus and Kit is like Camille and the blanket was like her life. Jesus gave life to Camille and when she didn't need it anymore she gave it back," Sabrina concluded. "I thought of those things and then I just couldn't help but cry," she finished.

What insight for a sweet seven year old girl to have. I just had to record her deep thoughts for my own record of this time in our lives. Thanks again for the magic blanket, Wallaces. And thank you forever for Camille's life, Jesus.