Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Apple

I will not be blogging this weekend. My husband has a meeting in the Big Apple. Yep NYC! And he has a companion ticket. :) So I am tagging along. It is supposed to be really cold and rainy/snowy but I am hoping to enjoy the Christmas feeling in the Big City this weekend.

Our plans include a nice dinner somewhere, cheesecake, lots of good food (can you see the pregnant mind at work here?), the Met, maybe a show, a session at the Manhattan Temple, Rockafeller Center to see the lights, and a bit of window shopping. Plus we get to see Jon's sister Darleen and her new baby boy just 2 weeks old (yes and her hubby Seth and 2 older kids).

It should be a fun trip. I will surely post about it when we get home. 

Enjoy your weekend!