Friday, August 5, 2011

Sorrow Stones

There is a metaphorical bucket tied to me throughout this life. And as I journey on my way it is being filled with sorrow stones. Some of these stones are small and I barely notice the weight of them as I walk down this path of mortality. I may even be able to toss them out of my bucket and continue on my way.

But life wouldn't keep you growing without some more weighty stones to carry. And so some larger stones must be placed into my bucket. Once in a while, or seemingly all at once, into my bucket they fall.

Each new weight tests the limits of my heart's strength. Each stone changes my heart in some way. I struggle to keep my heart on a path of love when the stones would pull me down. Sometimes I feel so weak. It would be easier to turn my sorrow stones into anger. Somehow it seems that would be easier to hold.

Yet that is not the woman I want to be. I don't want to be the woman who carries anger with her day and night. I refuse to let these stones change me that way.

Still I also don't want to be a struggling woman of sorrow. And yet here I am laboring under the weight of my stones. At last, I fall to my knees, unable to move, stuck with these stones to bear.

Then, in my desperation, I do as my good parents taught me and turn to the only One who fully knows. He knows the stones, each one in its complexity. He knows their weight and mass. He knows because he has carried them too.

He reminds me that while I must carry these stones, I need not do it alone. For His shoulders are mighty and His strength is divine. He will help lift my bucket and make my heart feel the light. And one day He will turn these sorrow stones into jewels of joy and a wealth of wisdom beyond what I can now conceive.

I can feel His help surround me, lift me, and set me on my way. I can feel His strength in my step. I am grateful to know where to turn when I stumble. I know there is One who will always send angels to my aid.

I know 
He's just waiting 
for me to