Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Done Sorting

Yesterday I went to my mom's to sort through the baby stuff. My dad had brought it out of the garage to the house for me to sort. After an hour or so with my Mom and sister in law Rachel helping, I had gone through all the boxes. It wasn't as emotionally difficult as I had anticipated. It was a little harder than doing Lauren's clothes but it helped so much to have Rachel and my mom by my side to keep me moving.

At the end of it I was sad to see that everything that was "Camille's only" fit easily into one small box. I had so many baby girl clothes. I sent 9 big bags to charity and still had about 3 really big storage bins of special baby clothes to put into quilts. Before we left, I went out to the garage to see what else there was to bring home. 

There I found more boxes my dad had not seen. I was only half done with the job. So I went back today and finished the sorting. In this load I found all the dresses I bought specifically for Camille. I filled a laundry basket of "Camille only" clothes and felt so much better. In some ways it is nice to have so little that was specifically HERS. All our baby gear is gender neutral and has been through all the kids so it won't be hard to watch another kid use it.

On the other hand, I am glad I do have a few things that were only hers. These things I can put in a hope chest and take out on the days I need to feel close to her. I can see how small she was and remember the day I bought the outfit with her in mind and the days she wore them. They become little pieces of her. It is so good to have a nice pile of little pieces of her life here with us.

Now I just have to find an organized way and place to store all these boxes. Ah another chore for tomorrow...