Monday, May 3, 2010

Not Sure Where She Puts It

Today I went to the school just before the lunch break and kidnapped Ann Marie for a lunch date with Mom (and Noble.) She had earned enough stickers for a date and has been so patient with my busy schedule. We have had to put off our date a few times as other things came up.

So today there was no way we were going to let anything else get in our way. I picked her up and told her we could go to lunch any place she wanted. She said she wanted to go to IHOP. I back tracked. I asked her what kind of food she wanted. She said pancakes. So then I gave her the options of the Original Pancake House or a new place I have been wanting to try called the Sunrise Cafe. She chose to try the new place. 

We sat down and she saw they did have pancakes on the menu. She was happy with that. She also was tempted by the French toast. She said that if there were 6 pancakes in the order of silver dollar pancakes she would get pancakes. If there were only 5 she would get French Toast. I told her I would get the French toast and let her have some. So she got the pancakes. 

The order came with 8 pancakes that were more the size of your average pancake than silver dollars. I was sure she wouldn't finish especially after drinking a big juice she also ordered. To my surprise she finished her 8 pancakes, a piece of bacon, a piece of my French toast and a few goldfish I had there for Noble. I am not sure exactly where she put all that food. Surely it can't all fit in her tiny little tummy.

From there we went to the Cupcake Lane Bakery next door to get her teacher a cupcake. We ended up getting a dozen for the office staff for "Teacher Appreciation" week. Last stop was at Trader Joe's for some flowers for her teacher. Annie had asked her what her favorite color was and picked out a lovely blooming pink flowery plant. 

We arrived back at the school with arms and bellies full. 

I remember having breakfast dates with my mom when I was a girl. I loved the alone time with her and bringing a treat back to my teacher was always fun. I think it is funny that when I have done this with my own girls for lunch they have opted for breakfast food every time. The time may be a little later but the "breakfast date" tradition continues on.