Monday, January 12, 2009

Fresh Link

The Fresh Link from my Favorite things list works now.  Here it is again for anyone who wants to look or try some of their lovely wonderful products.

Annie's First Talk

Just a photo of Ann before her outing to go skiing a couple weeks ago.

In our church members are asked to speak in the meetings. We have an unpaid "lay" ministry. So our Bishop has a regular job and takes on the job of Bishop for about 5 years before another person is asked to take the job. Members are asked to provide the "sermons" which we call talks.

This practice of preparing and giving talks before a congregation begins early. Primary children aged 3 and up give talks to other young children in their own meeting. Yesterday Ann Marie gave her first talk all by herself. (I have helped her write and give the talk in the past). 

Her topic was "I am a spirit child of Heavenly Father." I told her to think about what she would tell me about that topic if I didn't know anything about church or Heavenly Father. She went upstairs and wrote the following all by herself. She then read it to all the kids under age 8 yesterday. I thought it was great and wanted to record it and share it. 

I especially love the part where she says, "I like my body." I wish we could all feel like this. Hmmm. I think I have a post brewing on just this subject...

It is great to be a child of God. I love God. He is my father. He sent me down to earth. He made a plan for me. He made my body. I like my body. I am special. So is He. My baby sister is with Him. All of you are children of God like me.  You can pray to talk to Him like me. We are children of God. 
When she finished she just looked at the primary leader. Then she said "That's it." The primary leader then had to remind her finish with "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen" which is how we finish our talks.

Good Job Ann Marie!