Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blank Page Day

I am a fan of the Twilight Series of books by Stephenie Meyer.  My favorite of the three books is the second book.  I know for most of my friends this is their least favorite book. But I feel like I lived that book. I was in love with a perfect guy. Our relationship was to the point of getting married or breaking up and even though we were both still in love, we just both knew that we were not meant to be together. So suddenly we broke up.

Perhaps my favorite part of that book is right after Bella and Edward break up.  There are several blank pages. Reading that book for the first time I thought "brilliant!" That is exactly what it feels like to break up with someone with whom you are in love. She went on to so accurately describe the ensuing emotions. 

Sometimes life feels like that -- turning blank pages. Today it feels like that. 

I know the recipe for getting out of this pit. Do something mental, spiritual, social, and physical everyday. I am working on those.  I have done all but the last and am headed for pilates in 10 minutes.  Still, it is still like blank pages today, going through the motions- "pretending to be normal" as another grieving mom put it.  Bella did that too - pretend to be normal.

Back after that break up so many years ago, I remember praying to at least meet the man I would marry, even if it wasn't time for us to marry yet, so that I would really know him when we did marry. That summer I met my Jacob -- Jonathan. We became great friends and he helped me through those dark days of blank turning pages. He became the main character in the story of my life as my best friend. 

Here is where my story differs from Bella's. When I had the opportunity to get back together with the old boyfriend, I realized that my feelings for Jonathan were stronger than I thought.  I preferred to be with Jonathan.  Jon didn't even like me as more than a friend, but still I preferred to be with him. Needless to say, the old flame and I did not get back together.  We both knew it still was not right and he ended up getting engaged about 6 weeks later to another lovely girl. I had them over for dinner and met her. She was perfect for him-far better for him than I ever would have been. I was happy for him to have found her.

My story took more patience.  The Lord answered my prayer and let me meet Jon that summer but the time was not right for me to marry yet.  A couple of years of friendship later, the Lord turned Jonathan's heart to me.  Eight long distance months later, we were married.

It is now Jonathan who is again wading through these blank pages with me. He knows my pain and feels it with me, but he still can make me smile.  I still prefer to be with him to anyone else. He is still my best friend and so much more. He is the only one who can reach me in these pages of silence and draw me out of the blank and into the light. How grateful I am to have been led to love the perfect man for me.