Monday, February 2, 2009

The World in Sabrina's Eyes

Sabrina brought home her report on the Earth last week. She was excited to share it with our family. I posted it on her blog for her but wanted to share it here too.

The Earth
Sabrina Waite

To: My Family

This is the world. We live in the world. I love the world! I live in America in Nevada. I live in the city of Henderson. I live with my mom and dad. I have two sisters. I had three but my third died when she was 14 months. I miss her. She drown in a hot tub. her name was Camille. She had blond hair and blue eyes. OK back to the world. The world has gems in it. I like the ruby. The world is made of rocks and water.

I love the Earth.

I often wonder how my children are coping with the loss of their little sister. We talk about Camille often and occasionally I ask them how they are feeling about it. Friday I asked Sabrina and Ann Marie if they ever get mad that Camille isn't here with us any more. Sabrina said she mostly just forgets about Camille so she doesn't have to cry. It is easier to forget. Annie said she mostly just forgets too and just doesn't think about Camille so much. 

As much as I want them to remember their little sister, I completely understand their strategy for dealing with her absence. I hope they can forget so many things about this time in our lives. I hope they can forget the details of that dreadful day. I hope they forget the pain and sorrow.

But Sabrina's report just showed me that they still remember their sister. I hope they will always remember her. I hope they remember how much they adored her. I hope they remember how much she loved them. I want them to remember the kisses she gave them and how she would follow them around through the house. I want Sabrina to remember how Camilles toes would curl around Sabrina's body as Sabrina held Camille on her hip. I want them to remember Camille calling out to them to share whatever they were eating. I want them to remember how excited she would get when they would sneak into her room to see if she was awake. 

Perhaps it is still too hard to remember these things and so many others right now. But someday, when time has distanced the pain, I hope they can remember Camille with a smile and feel of her still constant love.