Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Day

Today was another busy day and I am plumb tuckered. Just wanted to share a thought or two that I had today.

A couple of days ago a mom in the hall at church was telling me about how she had signed her kids up for things this school year and on one particular day she was supposed to have two of her kids in different places at the same time. She wasn't sure how she was going to make that happen given the laws of physics and all. But somehow, I said, you'll make it happen. Because you are a mom. That is what we do. We make the magic happen. We make the impossible possible. We get everyone where they need to be somehow or another (usually helping each other) and we "make it work."

Secondly, after my very busy "make it work" day today, I just want to note that sometimes I feel like the author and conductor of a very complex orchestra. If only all my musicians would just play their parts instead of questioning my directions. :)

Off to bed now to prepare for another symphony of crazy tomorrow.