Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Gift of Life

As part of our Easter celebration, we have been opening eggs filled with suggested activities as a sort of advent calendar. Today one of our eggs asked each person to share three blessings in their life.  Another egg we opened had us all go find a sign of spring and share our observations.

We did those activities this afternoon. This evening, after hearing another story of a woman who just lost a pregnancy and a 3 year old to drowning this week, I am feeling keenly aware of how fragile and precious life is. Whether it is the baby bird in the nest, the hanging chrysalis of a forming butterfly, the embryo in the womb, the newborn babe, or any child or person. Each life is so precious and so fragile. Each life, each breath, each moment is a gift.

At any given moment our lives can change. We simply must make the most of this moment now and fill it with all the love we can. That is what I am going to go do now. I am off to spend time reading to my children, making cookies for new neighbors, and spreading and multiplying my love as far and and much as I can.

Today I have only today. Tomorrow is only a hope. Yesterday is but a dream. I must live today to realize the hope that tomorrow's yesterday will be a pleasant dream.