Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mark your calendars my fellow Las Vegans. 10.1.11 is the opening date for drum roll please...

Bread & Butter 
the Restaurant.

What is that? I am glad you asked. Remember my friend Chris Herrin? 

I introduced him in THIS POST just a couple of weeks after Camille's passing. He is the pastry chef friend you have all heard me talk about or seen me write about. He used to be the head pastry chef at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian Hotel here. Well, a little over a year ago Chris left Bouchon to pursue his dream of opening his own place.

For the past year or so he has been running the Famous Lulu's on the Move Food truck for Metro Pizza while he has been making preparations to open his own breakfast, lunch and bakery place. And the time is drawing so close. I just had to tell you all to get your tummies ready for it.

His plan is to open on 10.1.11. That is two weeks from Saturday people! Wahoo! I am getting a little sugar rush just thinking about it! Bread and Butter is located on South Eastern at Sunridge Heights in Henderson. It is on the Northeast corner of that intersection behind Osaka Japanese restaurant. My pediatrician's office (St. Rose Pediatrics) is right across the street.

Go see the Bread and Butter Facebook page to get the exact address and see how things are shaping up over there! Chris is trying to get to 300 people who "like" his page before he opens. I KNOW my readers can help him get there. Go check it out and like it while you are there. I know if any of you go have a taste when he gets open you will "like" it for sure. 

Geez I wish I could give you all a taste of his chocolate pudding, or homemade pretzels with mustard butter, or his macaroons, or quiche, or steak and egg sandwich, or chocolate cake or ... well I think you get the point. But the interactive tasting internet hasn't been invented yet, so you will just have to go to B&B yourself and TRY it! 

10+1=11 people. Keep it in mind!