Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Matters of Business

You know one of the hardest parts of this experience has been all the jobs to be done.  The police doing their investigation of the incident to determine if there was criminal negligence, the interviews only minutes after we called 911, the search warrant on the house, Child Protective Services interviewing us and visiting the house that night, the coroner having to question us an hour after she died.  All these good people just doing their jobs.  All standard procedure in death not by natural causes.  But these are not talks you expect or even consider when this nightmare of finding your baby... I'm not going go back there.

Now today we have to go pick out a coffin, another matter of business.  Not as distasteful as those already attended to but certainly not one I ever wanted to do.

I have to throw out an enormous thank you to my family.  They have attended to so many matter of the matters of business.   They are helping with compiling photos and videos of Camille, helping with funeral arrangements, fielding questions and talking on the phone for me so I don't have to start crying again.  They are working on flowers and programs and my dad is working on finishing the construction around our spa to make it safe with a gate. (We had only had the spa for 5 days).  All these matters of business that I am just not wanting to do.

Speaking of matters of business I have a couple for those of you reading:  anyone who wanted to send flowers we would rather you send a card to us letting us know you sent a donation to the LDS Church Perpetual Education Fund or LDS Humanitarian Services in Camilles name. We want as much good to come from her short life as possible.  In fact we were able to donate her heart for heart valves to save the lives of 2 other children.

Last matter of business, it has come to my attention that there may be some people coming in town for the funeral who are not immediate family.  I am so touched that you would come.  The funeral itself will be short and I will have no time to hug and say hello to people at that time. We are limiting the graveside service to immediate family only.  However, for any who have traveled from out of town to come we want to see you.  Please come to my parents house after lunch.  We will be gathering there at my parents at 1 p.m.  This invitation is only for those traveling from out of town.  The rest of you I can greet another time.  

Again thanks for the prayers.  I really do feel them.  I have a strengthened testimony of the power of prayer to strengthen and steady in times of trial.