Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Doing my Part

The girlies and I with my full term belly

In an effort to do all I can to help get labor going at home, I put on my dusty tennis shoes yesterday and we all went on a good long walk. We walked the trail around the circumference of our neighborhood. By the end the girls were complaining that their legs couldn't go any more and Jonathan was carrying Lauren. 

I am not sure I had a single contraction during our walk but I was surely sore. I soaked in a tub last night and felt much better. I woke almost every hour and at about 4 found that I was having contractions about every 10 minutes. They were not too painful but hard enough to wake me up every 10 minutes. 

They have subsided now and I am going to go get a good nap in just in case. I almost got hopeful of going into labor on my own this morning. I think I will try taking another walk this evening. At the very least it will help me build up my lung capacity for the pushing phase.