Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay. I know I have this blog that a few people read. :) But really, I am not the blogging guru. I don't usually do the typical blogging things like being "tagged" or passing around "awards." I am not against these things but I just haven't ever felt like playing along. 

But today I just have to make up my own award because I have the most AWESOME readers and commenters on the planet. Seriously! I have LOVED all the great ideas people have thrown in the rink here for Christmas ideas. There are so many good ones. Many of them I have done in years past. With 4 girls, I have often combined funds and gotten one big ticket item for all the girls to share. 

I would tell you all what I decided to get, but see ... Sabrina sometimes reads my blog. So, you will all have to wait till Christmas too. Sorry. I promise I will post a photo of the big ticket items. 

Thank you so much to all of you who read and all you who comment. I am amazed at how few crazy comments I have gotten. Hardly any really. I just really think you all are the best. So you all win my own made up best blog reader/commenter award!

Now, another angel mom tagged me on her site to list 10 things I loved about my angel. I thought that might be one tag I would feel like doing. Tonight, I'll share.

I love the way Camille would kick her legs when ever she got excited or happy. 
I love and miss her open mouth kisses.
I love the look she would give me when she was headed to do something she shouldn't do. It was a look of question and measuring. 
I love that she slept through the night and went to bed without a fight if she was in her own bed and if she was tired.
I love that she used to plug her own nose and then talk just to hear how her voice changed.
I love that she loved and put up with ALL the love of her sisters.
I love and miss the super softness of her skin.
I loved that she was so petite and easy to carry around without breaking my arm or back.
I love how she would nod or shake her head to answer my questions.
I love how she loved to feel textures, carpet in her mouth and food pieces in her hands. She was a true explorer.

And  ...  I love that she still checks in on me and her family and helps us feel her love.