Thursday, April 1, 2010

Contest Winner

The contest winner is Just A Mom (just call me JAM for short).  CONGRATS. Email me your address and your favorite store and I will send you a $15 GC to use there.

The answer was that I didn't know that the people who work at the Humanitarian Center are refugees and are given free English classes and taught a trade. That was the totally "new" information to me. I had heard all the stats before on membership.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Spring Break with the kids has been keeping me busy. Since we didn't go on vacation I have been trying to spend the week being the director of our "Staycation." It is hard work being an entertainment director. We have activities and playdates planned for today and then it is time to CLEAN UP! Our vacation is nearing an end and I want a clean house for Conference and Easter.

Hope all of you are enjoying your week before Easter. loves-- Stephanie