Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lovely Dreams

This was taken a year and a week ago at my brother's wedding.
It is my mom and Camille. She was about this age in last night's dream.

The last two nights Camille has been in my dreams. The dreams have not been about her. She just has been around in them. I woke this morning from a dream that we returned from our date last night and I ran upstairs to get something. When I came down, the babysitter who we really did have last night was in the office holding Camille. I said "oh did she wake up?"

"Yes, she was crying," replied the sitter. Then I took her from the baby sitter and held her. Then I woke up to the morning sun pouring through the windows in my room.

The times before that I have seen Camille in my dreams I have woken up so sad. In fact, I have not wanted to be awake at all. I have tried to go back to sleep to be with her again. But it has been many months since I last saw her in a dream. I think I wrote about the last time I dreamt about her. 

These last two mornings I have woken up with a joyful feeling. I have not tried to go back to sleep. I have felt a new brightness for the day and even a cheerful outlook. Now I will not say this has lasted all day. I still have gotten cranky when the pregnancy related digestive issues starting wearing on me. But waking up I feel good. I am grateful for that. And I am really grateful for the dreams. They remind me how much Camille is still a part of our little family.