Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day of Firsts

The first day of school went so amazingly well. It was almost like I would have planned it if I had control over all the little things I have no control over. :) Like Noble waking me up at 6 am instead of my alarm clock. I had breakfast ready by 6:30 and the kids come down. They ate while I read the scriptures to them.

Then it was about 7 and they started the rest of their lists while I went upstairs and ran on the treadmill. (You have to understand that this is AMAZING! I don't run so it is pretty amazing that I physically could. It is also AMAZING that my kids were getting themselves ready on their own enough that I didn't have to direct them. It is also AMAZING that Harrison was still asleep!!! Amazing...)

I then showered and got dressed and did my hair (I can't even remember the last time I got to do that on a school morning.) Then Harrison decided to wake up. I nursed him and went downstairs to put lunches together. The kids were done with their lists about 45 minutes before we needed to leave (AMAZING!!!) Sabrina even took a 30 minute nap. :)

Then I piled the kids in the car and Jon and I took them to school. I dropped Jon and the kids off at the curb and he walked them to their classrooms carrying all their heavy supplies.

First day of school outfits...
 Lauren's sweet first day of school outfit.
 Annie picked an outfit very like one Sabrina owns.
Sabrina chose a cute gray number.

Really it was like a symphony where every note was in tune that morning.

After errands to the Bank and Store (where Noble was... well not so "in tune" and very loud) we headed home for lunch and naps.

Lunch was another time for a "First" as our little Harrison had his first taste of any food other than breast milk. Rice cereal! Okay I should say rice milk because it was mostly my milk and a bit of cereal. He wasn't so sure about it. But I think there ended up being less on him bib than there was in the bowl to begin with.
All clean and happy before we took the first bite.

What do you want me to do with that???

He has since become very excited when I have approached with a bowl to feed him and is eating much better.

During naps I made 165 cookies for a "Post First Day of School" cookie party for the neighborhood kids. (I think Noble ate 10 of them.) Unfortunately I didn't get the word out as far as I wanted to. It was too hot to go door to door so I just told whoever I saw out on the street. We had kids over and cookies.

My kids all loved their day. Lauren said her teacher was "funny and fun." Annie said her teacher was "kinda awesome... NO just awesome." Sabrina said her teacher was "nice and fun and everything but boring." All good reports. I like hearing that.

We did homework and filled out first day of school paper work and then read and went to bed. The day wore me out. I am going to have to go to bed earlier to cope with my kids better at night when I am tired. I get short fused when I am tired and haven't had enough sleep.

Here is to a great day of firsts. First day of school. First full day for Lauren. First time for me to be home with only 2 kids all day since Lauren was born. First food for Harrison. First time my kids worked their morning schedule like a well oiled machine! First day back on a strict schedule. And first day of me getting back in shape ... hopefully?