Monday, September 1, 2008



Remembering is so painful, 
It just makes me want to forget. 
I pull my mind to the present,
 to keep me from feeling regret.

I cruise through days nearly normal,
Enjoying life, children and love.
I feel healing, strength and wisdom,
Pouring down from heaven above. 

Then out of the blue, a trigger,
A gesture, a phrase, a sweet laugh,
Remind me of tastes, sounds and smells,
I want preserved like photographs.

The lobe of her ear in my mouth,
Her head tucked tight under my chin,
Her smell just fresh out of the bath,
Her eyes, her kisses, her soft skin.

Faced with all I have forgotten,
Her taste, her laugh, her cry, her smell.
Forgetting is just so painful
I want to remember her well.