Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Hair Cut ...

I gave Harrison his first hair cut today. Okay so it was like 50 hairs. he just had some hairs on the back that were getting long so I trimmed them up a bit. Still I wanted to note it here since this will be a source for his baby book.

Normally, I save cuttings from the first haircut. I didn't today. It was just so little hair. But the whole time I was snipping, I was thinking about how little hair Camille had and her first haircut in the hospital as we prepared for her death. That little lock of hair is a treasure to me now. I was amazed my sister in law Marleen was even able to get the nearly one inch curl that she did off her nearly bald head.

Today as I cut Harrison's hair I kept telling myself there would be lots more haircuts for him. I wouldn't need to save these little strands. He is getting to that high anxiety stage of life for me. He turns one in 10 days now. He has been sick and I worry.

How can my baby be turning one already? He is such a sweet little, snuggly boy. Everyone just adores him. Even Noble, who I expected to have more jealousy, just loves Harrison. He just wants Harrison to get big and play with him faster.

Harrison has found the famous cup drawer and begun exploring it. He doesn't really climb in so much. The girls like to put him in there so he can play like Camille did but since that is not so great for the drawer we try to discourage that. He prefers to just empty its contents and chew on some of them along the way.

Harrison has also been taking his first steps. Well it is more like falling to me or his dad with his feet moving at this point, but it he gets one or two steps in there before gets to us. He is rather adept at going up and down stairs. I still don't let him do that much, but I am always surprised at how well he does when I take the time to sit with him while he learns his stair skills.

He is a rather picky eater. He is bothered by certain textures. He really likes those pouches with the baby food in them. They are my new secret weapon to getting veggies in him. I was amazed that he ate a Cutie clementine that I cut up really small today. Other than that his favorites are any cereal Dad is eating, oatmeal, bananas, Life cereal, macaroni and cheese, tomatoes, yogurt, bits of string cheese, and smoothies.

He takes 1 - 2 naps a day. Usually his first nap is around 10:30. Then he wakes up around 11:30-12:00 when I put Noble down. He will do down again around 2 or 3 when Noble wakes up. I have a very short window in the morning to go do anything before the naps times begin.

Sorry for the mundane details. Its just that I wish I could remember all these things about Camille. Her accident hard wiped my brain in some ways and if I hadn't written these things down I would not have remembered them. Luckily I had written all her habits down for my parents and in laws for the weekend they took care of her just 2 weeks before she died.

And now I have some of it written down for my treasure of a boy so I won't ever forget him at one.