Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Secret Journals

A very good friend of mine Molly, is a family therapist now. I visited with her a bit to evaluate whether or not to do family counseling after Camille's death. While we ultimately concluded that at least for now counseling wasn't necessary, she gave me some great ideas to do with my girls.

One of these has been having a secret journal for each girl. Each girl has their own journal. They can write their thoughts or feelings in it and put it under my pillow for me to read. Then I write back to them and put it under their pillow. 

My girls have loved having secrets with me. Now none of their secrets are juicy. Most are wondering if we can play Clue together "next day" or ideas of where we can go on vacation next. But I love that they have a place to communicate more privately with me. 

I think secret journals are a great idea. Thanks for the journals and the suggestion, Molly.

So, if you had a secret journal with your Heavenly Father, how would what you write differ from how you currently pray?  Just throwing that out there for thought. I don't have my own answer to that yet. Just another of my deep questions to ponder for the night.