Friday, May 15, 2009

Love Multiplies

How can so many people so completely capture your heart? With the birth of each child I am once again amazed that love is not divided but multiplied. It feels as though each of my children has the full capacity of love from my heart. It is a mystifying reality.

Tonight I was thinking about Sabrina as we are preparing for her baptism in a couple of weeks. As I was thinking about her and imagining her in her baptism dress, my whole self was filled with love for her and joy in seeing what a beautiful, loving young lady she is becoming. I wondered that there could be any room to love any other child. And in the middle of that thought I was filled with missing. 

It is with that same intensity that I love my sweet Camille though I cannot see her grow and become. I know she is still growing and becoming. And there is the same consuming love and joy in that knowledge. But there is an equally intense missing.

Motherhood is a magical thing. That we are able to love so fully each of the children God allows us to assist in creating is truly miraculous and wonderful. Through the joy and the sorrow of such great love we learn so much about our Father and our relationship to Him. Oh that I might live my life to bring Him joy.