Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Valentine's Day Ever

Yes. That is right. Today has been my favorite Valentine's Day ever. First off, it being a Tuesday and all I really had no expectations for the day. I mean I had to do my big cook for my dinner group and Jon had work so ...

Then last night my sweet hubby came out of his office with a bow on his head and a piece of paper taped to his chest. The paper had a poem written on it telling me that his Valentine's gift to me was a day with him home with me all day.

I read it and a big smile spread across my face. "You mean no going to work? No working from home? No doing any accounting or checking up on things by phone? A whole day where you are all mine???" I asked. He nodded and said he had told everyone at work not to bug him. :)

You see usually when Jon doesn't have to work, he has other things he wants to do. But today he did whatever I wanted to do. It was the best day ever. First we woke up together early and made a special Valentine's day breakfast for the girls. I made a Dutch baby and cut out pieces of it with a heart shaped cookie cutter. He went with me to take the kids to school.

Then he watched the boys while I attempted to make treats for some friends. It didn't work out like I had hoped so I threw it away. Next we went to Ethel M's chocolate factory and picked out a big box of chocolates together. Yummm! Then we went to lunch together at Heidi's Deli. It was great. He has been telling me about it for weeks and I finally got to go with him. We stopped by the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for "plan B" treats for friends. He drove the boys around in the car cart. I never get that one because it so cumbersome. He made it go all over the place and the boys loved it.

We came back home to give the boys a nap and Jon worked out while I made my "plan B" treats - Oreo Truffles - a sure fire hit. We played some scrabble and when the boys woke up and the girls came home he watched the boys while I cooked some Filet Mignon and Top Sirloin steaks and fingerling potatoes and a green salad.

Now we have cleaned up and bathed and bedded the boys and it is time to go hot tubbing with the girls before bedtime. :) Not too out of the ordinary of a day, except being with my Jonathan makes my regular boring day so much better. I just REALLY love spending time with my honey. Hope your Valentine's day was as great as mine.