Monday, October 6, 2008

A Scare

This morning just after breakfast I was in the office working and I heard a funny coughing sort of noise coming from the kitchen. I called out "are you alright?" Then I heard the running of little feet. 

Lauren emerged from the hall silent and with a face of terror. Her hand was raised to her throat. She slipped on the tile floor as she turned to run to me. She fell with a thud to the ground. The fall was a blessing because it dislodged the object in her throat enough that she began to cry. Still the object was not cleared. She began gagging over and over. 

She was eating a chewable vitamin C pill. Only she hadn't chewed. With a bit of water it moved down enough to stop her gagging. She was traumatized by the event until the pill finally moved all the way down to her belly about 2 hours later. 

There were a few moments of terror in all of our hearts this morning. We were once again reminded at how easily life can be taken from this world. We were also reminded that we have angels watching over us, tripping us up when necessary for our own good. And we were reminded that God does not allow children to die when it is not their appointed time. 

All of us in this family have felt the gratitude we ought to for life and the protection of a loving God today. Life is not always easy but it is always a gift worth treasuring.