Monday, November 3, 2008

Too Much Drama

We have lots of girls in our house. I am sure you all can imagine the drama that comes with this occasionally. While some girls are more drama than others, all of us have our moments if we are honest. My girls are no exception. Once in a while each of them let their inner drama queen take center stage. 

I have been known on occasion to call them on this. You know those times they are crying like they are dying when they barely have a scratch. Their main purpose for the tears and anguish is really to get the offender in trouble. Mom's see through this right? So, on occasion, I have used the phrase, "come on now, no need to be a drama queen. You are fine."

I am thinking I need to find a new approach. I have noticed my girls picking up on this term. One will be crying because she doesn't want her hair brushed and another will say under her breath, "drama queen." Then the cries just get louder and they are accompanied by anger at the sister for being called a drama queen. 

The final kicker came yesterday. Jon was upstairs with the girls. I heard Lauren get upset. Then I heard Lauren's little three year old voice full of contempt and accusation say, "Daddy, you are being a drama queen!"

I think that was the hardest laugh I have had since Camille died. Thanks Lauren for being cute and three. And Daddy, thanks for being a "drama queen."