Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Idea of a Wonderful Day

Today was what I would consider a wonderfully relaxing, blissfully productive, and totally enjoyable day. I am sure everyone has a different idea of what their "perfect day" would be like. Today was a pretty great one for me.

I woke up and read scriptures with the kids and we had family prayers. Then we started our chores. The girls emptied the dishwasher (with no threats from me and no complaining from them!). I headed upstairs with Annie and we sorted and folded laundry. Next we put away all the kids laundry and cleaned the kids bedrooms (Lauren and Sabrina had finished the dishwasher and come to help by then). 

I taught Sabrina how to start the washing machine and dryer last week. She has taken up doing the laundry for me. She likes to do it. Today I think she did about 5 loads without me ever asking her to go advance any of them. After the chores, we practiced piano and violin. 

At this point, the girls had earned their TV time so they went to go watch some Noggin. I watched a bit of Dancing with the Stars and while I talked myself into tackling the kitchen. I have been doing lots of baking without time to really clean up after the last two days. So after I saw the dances I wanted to see, I cleaned the kitchen and did all the dishes. 

As I finished, the girls came downstairs and we all had lunch together. Jon brought a table downstairs for me and I moved all my computer stuff over to it. I am going to use the table I had been using as a desk for Christmas decorations. I was happy to get that done.

I was a bit tired this afternoon, so I went to my bed and read a book and rested a bit while Jon played with the kids on the Wii. Finally, when I realized I wasn't falling asleep, I got up and headed downstairs to start dinner. Lauren followed.

Lauren told me she needed the pink cooking thing (an apron) and I needed one too (I don't usually wear an apron when I cook). So we put on our aprons and she stirred while I added ingredients for our dinner. It was so fun to have this one on one time with her. She was very helpful and happy the whole time. We made my yummy hamburgers. She loved helping make the patties. 

While they cooked, I brought a chair into the kitchen so I could sit while I peeled the fruit and got the rest of dinner together. Sometimes I get lightheaded standing in the same place for too long. It was relaxing to sit and peel the pears with Lauren sneaking pieces out of the bowl. 

We had an early dinner where everyone ate well (except Lauren. She filled up on pears and tomatoes before hand.) Then Dado decided we needed to show the girls The Empire Strikes Back. He introduced them to Star Wars this weekend. So we watched the movie together. 

Please note that I am still in my pajamas at this point. I love days that I can stay in PJs all day. 

After the movie I took a relaxing bath and read some more of my book. Jon got the girls ready for bed and Annie and Sabrina read stories to Lauren. This left Jon and I a few minutes alone together to reconnect.  When the girls were done with stories, Jon put Lauren.

Meanwhile, Annie decided to "beauty" me. She rubbed lotion on my feet and brushed my hair and cleaned my face with wet cotton balls. Then she put a clippy in my hair and put lip gloss on me. All the while, Sabrina kept us company and talked to us. 

When I was sufficiently "beautied," I went with a friend to a book club and had yummy dessert, met new fun people, and discussed the book I had been reading.

All in all, this was a pretty great day. I got some alone time with nearly everyone in my family. I got lots done. I felt no stress. There were no big kid fights to break up. We had lots of time with Jonathan after the market closed at 1 p.m.  It just was a sweet and relaxing day -- an ordinary day that I just want to remember.