Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Tools

There are a few things in this life that make me just wonderfully happy. Fun times with my family and friends, incredible food, a great chocolate chip cookie or just the dough, a page-turning book, dancing, watching incredible dancing, happy music, sharing my beliefs with someone who is really interested in them, helping others, feeding super yummy food to hungry people, the sound of Lauren's laugh, a snuggle from Noble, a surprise cleaning spree or concert from Annie, a beautiful piece of artwork or song sung by Sabrina, Jonathan working along side me doing just about anything, exploring new places, meeting new people (especially those who already know me through my blog), good ice cream on a hot day.  Okay you get the idea. These things are like tools I can use to lift my spirits when they are feeling low.

Well as we are approaching the 2nd anniversary of the worst day of my life, I have been preparing myself for how to spend the time. Last year I ran away with my friend Britt and our families. Her son Daxton died two years ago today. We spent our anniversary week in San Diego together doing lots of fun things. It was a great vacation. 

This year we had planned to go to my parents cabin. Well, then my parents sent these pictures of the river outside the cabin.

Just to give a reference, this next picture is what the river by the cabin NORMALLY looks like:

The place Sabrina and Lauren are standing in this picture is all underwater now. The river would be over their heads in fact. Can you imagine me spending my weekend up there trying to make sure my kids never left the house. Yeah, we decided not to go to the cabin this weekend. And that made me very sad because I really wanted to get away this weekend and I really wanted to see Britt and Doug and their family.

I talked to Britt about other options but she has a brother who is leaving on a mission and has to be to church on Sunday to hear him speak before he leaves. We tossed out other dates we could get together. Nothing seemed to pan out. Finally I asked her if we could just come to her house. If you know me well, you know I am prone to invite myself over. :) She said that would be perfect. 

As soon as we made that decision, all the gloominess I had been feeling about what to do about this weekend went away. It feels so good to have the plan to be going down to Arizona to spend the weekend down there. I have never really visited Arizona so we will be on a new adventure. Plus we have old friends down there in Britt and Shanan (are there others I am forgetting? Let me know if so!) And there will be lots of new old friends to meet. I have always loved people from Arizona. Maybe it is because they are from this hot dessert land like me but they always feel like Vegas people to me. 

I know there will be amazing food because I have eaten with Britt a few times. :) The girl can bake and cook. We share our love of food. Basically, I think there will be a bit of most of my favorite happy things in this weekend. So I am excited for it. Just make sure you DVR my So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday night Britt! I gotta find out who the top 10 will be! 

Watch out Mesa. Here I come with all my happy tools!

For those of you local. Come watch So You Think You Can Dance with me tonight at 8:30 if you know where I live. I am making chocolate filled croissants. They are fabulously yummy. See you tonight I hope.