Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Omniscient Fashionista

"Mom, when I am a grown up I am going to get a motorcycle," says Lauren on our way to pick the kids up from school. We have just turned right after being at a 4 way stop next to a motorcycle policeman.
"Really?" I reply. "Why do you want a motorcycle?"
"Because they go really fast." (I wish I could type her little girl voice.) 
"Cars go fast too you know."
"But not all cars do."
"Motorcycles are kinda dangerous though you know."
"MoooMMM!?!? What do you mean?" She says this in a disgusted exasperated way.
"Well if you get in a car wreck the car is all around you to protect you. If you crash on a motor cycle there is nothing there to protect you."
"Well I just saw a guy back there on motorcycle."
"Oh, you mean that police man?"
"How do you know he was a police man??? You don't even KNOW that guy!"
"Well I saw his motorcycle and it said police on it."
"Well the one I saw was not a police one. It was white." Pause for about 5 seconds here. "And it had a letter P on it."
"Yes Lauren. That is "P" for POLICE."
Insert disgusted shock look glaring at me from the back seat. 
"Well the one that I saw didn't have a L next after the P."
"No it had an "O" for POOOOOOlice. PO PO PO lice."
"HMMMPFT. Well the one I saw was a different one." By this time Annie and the other kids are getting in the car. 
Annie asks which what did Lauren see. Lauren says a motorcycle. I tell her we saw a motorcycle cop. Annie says, "Oh yeah I saw that one with the kid riding on it and the helmet? It wasn't a police motorcycle mom! It had a kid on it."
"Yeah mom!" says Lauren.

Why do I even try? There is no reasoning with an "omniscient" 4 year old. Especially not when her big smarty pants sister is there to back her up.

And while I am on the subject of Lauren and Annie. Annie was having trouble picking out her socks today. She asked for Lauren's help. The brown pair or the pink pair? After she left for school I saw Lauren getting her own socks on for preschool. This is what she looked like:

Do you need a closer look?

"How did you choose those socks Lauren?" 
"I choose them so they could match with Annie. Annie asked me which socks she should wear to school and I said she should wear both so I could match her." 
"So Annie is wearing the other brown sock and the other pink sock?"
"Yes." Of course she is.
Meanwhile she tells me I am wearing these shoes to take her to preschool:

A step up from my normal Crocs.

At least she didn't pull out my black 4 inch high heels that she insisted I wear to take her to preschool last time.