Friday, September 26, 2008


Last night as we drove down the Cajon Pass into Southern California and felt the humidity of the sea air fill our lungs, I remembered how much I love California. Jon and I spent our first seven married years here. We made many friends. We had three children.  We grew from college kids to mortgage holding, child rearing adults. I have a special fondness now for California.

We are visiting my two brothers and sister in laws here and also many friends. Tomorrow a one of my dear friends is taking me to the So You Think You Can Dance tour. (Thanks Kathryn!) I am excited to see the dancers and even a little more excited for some quality time with my old roommate and sweet friend.  We also get to celebrate my niece's birthday while we are here.

Last time we were here was the end of May. We celebrated Sabrina's birthday here. It was a wonderful trip. We went to Disneyland for two days. It was a wonderful trip filled with fun and smiles. I have great memories from that trip.

Camille did not come with us on that trip. She spent the weekend with grandparents. Grandma Waite wrote Camille a song that weekend. My parents enjoyed watching her climb up into the walker and sit her booty in it with her feet sticking up out the top by her head. She got to spend good alone time with her grandparents. We got to enjoy Disneyland without having to run back to the hotel for naps. 

A photo my parents took of Camille while they were tending her.

I didn't miss her. I didn't worry about her. I knew she was in good hands. Camille was an easy baby. She was happy with anyone. In fact when I dropped her off at Grandma Waite's I said to her, "Camille, are you ready to go play with Grandma for a while?" 

She then nodded her head way up and then slowly way down several times. She had just begun to answer yes and no questions by nodding or shaking her head.

This trip I do miss her. And even though I know she is in great hands, my heart still worries for her. I know that isn't logical, but I think it is common. We all feel it in this family. The kids often pray for Camille that she will not miss us as much as we miss her. I pray for her to be happy and successful in the work she is now doing. It helps me to be forward thinking.

I guess this trip is not too different from the last one. We are still a family of 6 even though only 5 of us are here. One of us is just at Home spending time with loving grandparents.