Saturday, August 16, 2008

Four Princesses

The Four Princesses

My sister in law threw a princess party for her now 3 year old Nora's birthday. We attended in royal fashion.  Even I dressed for the occasion.  Thanks to Kathryn for the bridesmaid dress I wore a decade ago to her wedding. :) 

Here are the younger princesses in their fancy clothes, hair and makeup. 
Sabrina is such a beauty. She thinks I never blog about her. Now is my chance to prove her wrong.  One funny story about Sabrina -- The other night we were watching TV as a family and a commercial for John McCain came on. After it was almost done Sabrina said, "Dad, is he dead?" Jon and I both started laughing. 

Little Lauren Cinderella 
What can I say? 
She is the cutest Cinderella I have seen in years.

And then we have Ann Marie. Red is her color. She thought the red princess dress we have was too itchy so she opted for her fancy Christmas dress instead. I love the sparkle in her eyes. She has the most magical eyes I have ever seen.

I met the sister in laws of two other grieving moms at the small party. It is amazing how small the world seems sometimes. Camille also attended the party. I could feel her there. I really believe she and I were very close before we came to earth. I believe I chose to be her mother knowing her life would be short because I would know her better than anyone else on earth ever would. I wanted to be close to her here for any amount of time I could. I still love being close to her. I believe she is close to us often, watching, comforting, and feeling joy in our joy.