Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lies Revealed

That was so fun for me. I loved seeing which facts about me you found most unbelievable. Now it is time to reveal the lies:

The first lie many of you got: #10 I love to shop. 

I do not love shopping. I do like buying new things, but the shopping to find them -- that I hate. I hate trying on clothes to find something I like. I hate going store to store to find a piece of furniture I think will go in my home. If I could hire a personal shopper, I would.

The second lie one person finally got after my hint update: #18 I never got anything less than a B in law school. 

You all give me too much credit. Actually, I only got one C in Constitutional Law. I went off in my essay to my very liberal professor all about how and why obscenity should not be protected by the First Amendment. I guess he didn't like my arguments very much. :) Oh well. A C worth standing for in my eyes.  (On a separate note, I did get a D in 7th grade History. I had a terrible teacher who made us sit in class and copy his notes off the board all class. Really that was all we did - sit and copy tiny notes off the board for an hour every day. Then he would give us a test. I didn't learn well that way. I got transferred out of his class the next semester.)

The third lie that one got before my hint and another after: #33 I once saw Monica Lewinsky exiting the court after she testified before the grand jury while I was walking home from work.

I did live in DC at this time and did see all the media outside the court everyday while walking to and from work, but I never saw her. (As for the other people ones - I worked for Harry Reid before he he had the big position he now has. I was a press intern for him. He knew my grandfather well. Back in those days it was common to see him in the office when Congress was in session, even for an intern like me. And when I was in law school and my grandfather passed away, I called the office to let him know and the secretary put me straight through to him. I ended up sobbing on the phone to him and he consoled me and told me how wonderful my grandfather was.)

Now for the truths lots of people thought were lies:

#15 - Nannette  (my old college roommate) was right. I did keep track of the dates I went on (the story behind that is too long for this post). I got to 100 and that next weekend Jon called and asked if he could date me. He was already on the list because we had gone on dates before, just not as more than friends. So yes, 100 guys exactly.

#2 - I sang as a street urchin in the Nevada Opera Company's production of La Boheme. I was in sixth grade. For my age I was a good singer.

#11 - I do play the piano. I took lessons for 10 years. I just don't play nearly as well as my hubby so I don't play often anymore. 

#29 - I do crochet. Not professionally, but I have made blankets for a couple of my babies.

#35 - I lived in Spain the summer between Junior and Senior years as a foreign exchange student. There the culture of teens is to hang out in bars on the weekends. So I hung out with my friends in the bars. I just drank lots of water while they drank beer. This may also explain me speaking Spanish.

#36 - I don't love any cleaning chores, but if I had to pick favorites these are it. I like that you can see a real difference and you don't have to constantly run around to do these chores.

#7 - This is for Emily - Spain, Mexico, USA and Italy. Jon and I lived in Italy while I did a semester of law school in Florence right after we got married. I studied abroad in college in Mexico and foreign exchange in Spain as I have mentioned.

Okay gotta run this morning. Enjoy knowing the truths. Since nobody won, I will figure out how to do the prize later and post later.