Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Let's Call Today a Mulligan"

That is what the hubby said to me tonight. I nodded in full agreement. We have 3 sick kids. There are two of us. Each of these 3 kids wants to be held constantly. It has been cold and windy and rainy. We have been in the house nursing children and administering medicines and holding hot little bodies.

Having sick kids is not fun. But it is a part of being mortal. We get sick. Sometimes we get hurt. Some days the sun doesn't shine and the winds howl and the rain beats down on everything it can. And somedays, that's okay.

Somedays I almost want the rain to fall and the winds to howl and the sun to hide all day. I have spent the entire day with my sweet family. I got to hold my little children and know that they felt just a little better just because I was holding them. My 2 well children got to learn to serve the family and help out when Mom and Dad are overwhelmed with little sick people.

Not sure they enjoyed learning this lesson. There have been several complaints about not being able to go play with friends. But sometimes it is good for kids to learn that on certain days when the wind howls and the rain falls, it is more important to get to work serving others, especially those in your own home. It is an important lesson.

And tonight as I watch that same child voluntarily step up to help, I am grateful for the rainy day that prompted such a valuable lesson. Maybe not such a Mulligan after all.