Thursday, October 15, 2009


The mailman brought me a package last week. Inside was the game I had been waiting for--SeDaraHc. That night I had a bunch of ladies over for my Project Runway/So You Think You Can Dance/Top Chef Party. After we munched on all the yummy food everyone brought, I asked them to try a round of this game out with me.

We divided ourselves up into two teams -- blonds vs. brunettes -- a classic rival. There were 3 blonds and 4 brunettes. During each teams turn one person was the guesser and the other team members had to act out as many cards as they could in one minute. Oh and the team can't talk to each other while acting out. So there is no coordination or planning involved in the acting.

It was pretty hilarious and some of the turns had me belly laughing. Perhaps my favorite was when our team was trying to act out "Donald Trump." I kept doing crazy movements with my hair. Another player was acting like a duck (Donald Duck right?) I caught on to the Donald Duck thing and our guesser had already said duck but wasn't putting it to "Donald."

So on the ground I drew an outline of Mickey Mouse. She got that it was Mickey Mouse and from there we got to Donald Duck. Using classic charades signs we got our guesser to understand the first of our two word card was "Donald." Now we just had to get "Trump."

One of our team members started doing the act of playing a trombone and then a trumpet. Our guesser got Trumpet. We were almost there! "Donald Trumpet!" She kept yelling. And we kept nodding and doing crazy comb over actions with our hair and rubbing our thumb over our fingers to do the money sign. "Donald Trumpet!?! Donald Trumpet wig?!?"

And then time ran out.

And we all fell down laughing. The other team turned to our guesser and told her "Donald Trump." Ah yes, of course! "Donald Trump."

Anyone want to guess which team won? This should be a no brainer right?

I can't wait to play this game with the Young Women at church. I think they will have so much fun with it. It is a very versatile game that can be enjoyed so many different ways. I am going to have to talk to my friends and get them to create a "Junior" version of it so we can play it as a family. There are, however, blank cards for us to fill in with our own words. Maybe I will use them to make some easier words for my kids in the meantime.

I loved playing this game and will definitely be playing it at our next game night. It would make a great gift for anyone who loves games and Christmas is sneaking up on us.

To get your own copy go to and you will get a $5 off discount because you are all my friends!