Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Ideas Please

Camille with her Easter basket last year.

Hi everyone!

So April is a big month for me as it is Camille's birthday month and it is Easter. I was thinking about this the other day. I really really want to CELEBRATE Easter in our family. I mean, I want it to be as exciting and celebratory as Christmas.  This is the celebration that Christ overcame death. That is especially worth celebrating in our family. This is the day we celebrate that Camille will live again.

Sure it is true that we must suffer the sorrow of separation and the basket of grief feelings that go with losing a child for now. But there is hope. Christ has given us hope in the promise of the gift of resurrection. I want to celebrate this gift which is to me now more precious than ever before.

I want to make it fun and joyous for little kids. I want them to anticipate Easter and the month of April as a month of celebration. I want them to feel the happiness and joy of this great gift the Savior has given us in the resurrection. 

I do not, however, want to commercialize Easter like has been done to Christmas. I am looking for fun way to make Easter more than just a day long and more exciting and fun for kids than eggs, an easter basket, and a good meal. 

Ideas anyone?