Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunny June

Sunny fun filled days with family and visitors - that is how this June has shaped up for our family. We have been enjoying the taste of summer we are cramming into this month off of school. With trips to California and Utah and Idaho, cousins and friends staying over with us as they travel on their vacations, and fun times with friends and neighbors there has been little time to write it all down. It is good to be busy in such wonderful ways.

I was holding Noble tonight as he fell asleep in my arms and felt that mother love rush through me. You know the kind where you just want to squish the little one but don't because they are so little so you grit your teeth instead? Yeah that. It was my fourth grit of the night (I had already put the other 3 down) but it still seems one too few. I suppose it always will now.

I have started so many posts these last few days only to be interrupted by motherhood. :) And alas the little son has woken for his midnight snack. Still I will post because if I don't I may never finish a post. Such is the nature of this most important calling of love.