Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bone Tired

I am feeling this quite literally tonight ... bone tired. I feel like I ran a really long race today. I didn't. I mean I haven't run a long way in a really long time but my bones hurt from going and doing all day.

I spent the first 6 hours of my day cleaning with the girls. With school starting I wanted to have a fresh start. So we did a much deeper clean than usual. I still have spaces that need organizing but that can happen after school starts. I am glad to have a very clean bathroom and clean sheets on my bed because now I need a soak in the tub and a bed to rest my tired bones.

From cleaning I took the girls to swimming lessons. We have been going everyday and I think we all taste and smell permanently of pool water. The highlight of the day for me was teaching Ann Marie how to dive. I had her do a couple kneeling and then I helped her with a few standing where I helped lift her feet up as she went in. Then I told her to give a little jump and kick her feet up behind her on her own. She did a perfect dive on her first attempt. The next few were a bit belly flopish and then she did another perfect one at the end. It was just awesome.

Back at home I made dinner and tended Noble and bathed people and then went to meet the teacher night for Lauren's preschool. I had the four little people all with me and Noble was not too happy about being awake. But we managed. Still Noble is getting a bit more weight on him and after an hour of holding him and walking and bouncing ... well did I mention I am tired tonight?

From there we rushed to the cemetery to put Camille's flower arrangement in her vase before they locked up the mausoleum. We got there just in time and the flowers looked great in her vase. My mom and a friend of hers put them together. We went with 7 Tulips, one for each member of our family. There are two green ones for Dad and Noble, a red one for Ann Marie, two mauve ones for Lauren and Sabrina and a deep pink one for me. In the center is a white one for Camille. The girls all picked which flower they wanted to represent them. They all chose the flowers closest to Camille's. I got a photo with my cell phone. If I can figure how to get in on here I will post it later.

Now I have taken a couple motrin to ease the pain of my achey bones and have decompressed from my day by watching a little Top Chef Las Vegas and I am ready to feel the comfort of clean cotton sheets on my skin. Good night to you all!