Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Writing a Book

All day yesterday, when I would ask Annie to do something she would respond with, "Mom, I can't right now. I am writing my book and I am right in the middle of a page. I need to finish." She decided to write her own book. 

Last night she finished it. She brought it to me and read it to me. I would like to share it. It is her way of working through her emotions about Camille's death. And I think the ending is encouraging and very wise.

I kept her original spelling. She is only five and just started kindergarten this month. So I have translated in italics in case you can't figure out what she meant. She drew pictures of each of scene which I will describe also in italics. She made this book entirely on her own and without any input or ideas or encouragement from me. I think she is wonderful.

When Meells Diede
When Meelies Died
by Annie

This is when meeles diede.
This is when Meelies died. A picture of Meelies in the spa face down and Annie and Daddy next to the spa with frowny faces.

This is when the polees came.
This is when the police came. A picture of our house, the driveway, the street and the police car on the street.

This is us white Kaite.
This is us with Kaitie. A picture of my friend Kaitie who was staying with us that day in the playroom with the girls. 
This is us in the car white Akite.
This is us in the car with Kaitie. After I left for the hospital, Kaitie took the girls out. The picture is all of them sitting in the car.

This is us at the store.
They went to McDonald's for dinner. A picture of all of them at McDonald's.

This is us back at the hawos dansing.
This is us back at the house dancing. A picture of the girls in the playroom dancing with Kaitie.

We wr sad she whos gon.
We were sad she was gone. A picture of the three girls with frowning faces.

But we stil like uor famly.
But we still like our family. A picture of the three girls smiling.

But we stil love Hvnel Fotheer.
But we still love Heavenly Father. A picture of clouds with hearts in the clouds and Heavenly Father in the clouds smiling. See photo of that picture below.