Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Favorite Things

I have a list of a few of my favorite new things that I have been wanting to share. Today I share one of those with you including a discount if you want to buy one too! :) Who doesn't love a discount right?

The other day I walked into my friend Shelli's house and saw the most amazing calendar on her wall. She said she made it. I told her I needed one ASAP! Last week her husband came over and delivered mine. Here it is!

It is 5 feet by 5 feet and each day is the size of a full piece of paper. It is magnetic and a white board. I love that I can put invitations right up on the day they belong. I also love that I can't miss it when walking through the room. There are no more excuses for anyone in the family about not knowing about some activity or other if it makes it upon the calendar. This is exactly what I needed to keep my life straight. Especially this year as I will now have 3 kids in school and activities. 

I  LOVE this calendar. I love the way it looks. I am excited to frame it in a black wooden frame. I am sure I will love the look of it even more then. I love how organized it encourages me to be. I love how big it is. I just love it. If you love it and want more information about them you can email Shelli at They normally cost $325 but she will give you a nice discount if you mention that you saw it on my blog. 

How did I ever get along without this???


Christen said...

I am in love with that calendar as well! Your friend is a genius. I want to know about the organizer to the right of it ... where did you get that or how did you make it?? Please share! Thanks! :)

EMILY said...

The organizer is actually an invention of mine. It is made from file folders. Steph did hers a little more simply than I did mine. If you are interested in having me make one for you, you can email me at and we can talk about it. Or you can just make one yourself if you are into that:)

i said...

OH MY. it is marvelous!!!!! :)

A Pendley said...

I LOVE this calendar. It is a bit pricey for my budget right now (we are starting over again with everything...we lost our home in the Nashville flood in May) I love being and feeling organized. Is there a place I can buy a dry erase board that size or about that size so I can create my own. With 6 kids I need to get back to being organized before school begins on August 12th.