Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cami Kindness Week is Coming

It is that time of year again! The bluebonnets are blooming here in Texas and Camille's birthday is next Sunday April 19th. We have been rather busy around here as we are moving 2 days after Camille's birthday to a new home in our same area. We are excited for the move and feel so blessed to have found a home we love!

We are looking forward to continuing our tradition of doing acts of kindness the week before Camille's birthday as gifts to our angel girl. I have felt her close to me these past few months and I feel her joy in my acts of service for others. I hope you will join us and feel of that joy as well.

Comment with any kind acts you perform so we can send them up in our balloons on Sunday. :0)


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Unknown said...

Hey Steph, I miss you. I Know that Cami is watching over you and is full of love for you. I will dedicate a special smile for Cami each time I greet a student in my school tomorrow. She can help me cheer their fear and anger as they come to school hungry and scared. She will be my light for the day. I love you. Terri