Monday, March 9, 2015

Where I have been...

Hello! I know. It's been a long time. Where have I been? I have switched most of my online presence to Instagram. I haven't officially stopped blogging though because I feel sometimes like I have something I want to write out and record or something important to share that will take more time and space than is practical on Instagram.

So if you want to follow me on Instagram my username is sawaite.

I will post there for you if I post here.

Thank you for your love and support over the years! Texas has been a good move for us. We are very happy here and feel the Lord blessing us in many ways.

As we approach what would have been Camille's 8th birthday and I watch her contemporaries get baptized I have an ache of wondering what she would be like now. But the Lord knew this would be a difficult birthday for me and has blessed me by letting me help another mother through the early days of fresh grief. 

She says I am helping her. Little does she know how much helping her helps me.

And so I will keep this blog up even though I may not post with any regularity. It is still somehow doing good for me and a few others.


Anonymous said...

You look sad.

Janice and Jessica said...

Glad to see you post. I have requested to follow you on instagram. jdelaney0005

Jonathan Waite said...

You look hot.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the update! Even though we've never met, I enjoy reading your blog and have been wondering how you've been. I hope things continue to go well for you and your family in Texas. xo