Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I am sitting by my little man who has fallen asleep after an hour of throwing up every 15 minutes. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Tomorrow I will be mothering. The errand of angels IS given to women. We are the angels to our children in their low and sickly hours. We are the angels to our friends when they are overwhelmed or in tears.

A friend of mine, Shelli, has been coming over to help me pack. She has been an angel to me. She is speaking in church tomorrow. She told me that this is what she is talking about ... About how as women we are performing angelic errands when we serve others. So true. So true.

Well I better get what little sleep I can in now, for soon I will be doing angel's work again.

p.s. I have posted a few times from my phone since that April 14th post and those posts haven't shown up. Hmmm. I guess I better stick to posting from my computer.


Rebecca said...

So sorry your little ones are sick. That is no fun. Your service may go unnoticed by them now, but when they become mothers/fathers, they will (like you, I am sure) be more grateful for all that you do for them. Hopefully they get well quickly!

Jill said...

Thank you for this post. I read it on Sunday, and I had a sick one too. Your perspective helped end my pity party.

Shanan said...

How many tears have you helped me wipe away? You are an angel, in deed. Thank you :-)