Wednesday, August 17, 2011

so much to say...

I have once again been up at the cabin with family and thus out of computer reach. It was our last vacation of the summer. Now I am finishing getting my family unpacked and back together but I have so much to write about.

First I just have to say the last week was our best dance party ever. We had such a fun time. My favorite part was just before the party started when an unfamiliar vehicle pulled into my driveway. I was outside talking to a neighbor at the time and thought to myself, "Now who can this be?"

This is who I saw:
This is my friend Shanan Durda ... who lives in Arizona! She drove all the way up to Vegas to surprise me and come to my finale Dance Party. It was one of the best surprises I have had in a long time.

Shanan lived with us for a few years just after Ann Marie was born. So she feels like family and we had a good time catching up and talking. I only wish we had more time. Our family had plans to go to the cabin the next evening and for all our attempts, we couldn't convince Shani to come with us. She has a sister who lives here in Vegas too and had plans to spend the next night with her. I guess that is a pretty good excuse. :)

Secondly, I was happy Melanie won Dance. She is amazing. I don't think it was a real shocker to anyone though. :) And I was a bit underwhelmed by the final performance show. I was glad to see so many of my favorite dances from the season brought back for the finale. That is always fun.

Thirdly, we sold our new mattress set and bought a new Tempurpedic. That is what we had before and we both liked it for the first 9 years. Then it got too soft for my hubby. This newer version of the Tempurpedic is supposed to be more firm. We will see. We have 100 days to try it. I already know I love it. I took a nap on it today and my back felt so much better when I woke up. Hopefully it will work for Jonathan too.

Geez I have so many more things to write about. But I think I better space out the others because they are things that deserve their own post. But so I can remember them later and to give you a preview, here is what is coming up, though not necessarily in this order...
Cabin with the Waite clan
Motherhood series returns -- Different Not Less
Sudden Death of Long Time Family Friend - thoughts on that.
New Job at Church
Thoughts on RS Lessons on Families Can Be Eternal and Eternal Marriage
The Help Movie Review
Noble - becoming a boy mom
Annie the Organizer and her "prize"
Summer Schedule Review
School coming
"Surprises" passing down the tradition

What do You want me to blog about? Wanna add to my list? Wanna see one of my topics SOON? Let me know!


Kathy said...

I'm very interested to hear your review of The Help. Did you read the book before you saw the movie? If so, how do you think they compared?

shanan said...

I had such a great time! Even if it was for just 24 hours ... :-(

Sue said...

They all sound good to me! And I'd also like to know the exact name of the tempurpedic you bought. (They seem to have so many styles now, and I have had the original one for 15 years and need to replace it soon.)


The Orcutt's said...

A preview of what you do to get the kids ready to go back to school.

chanel said...


Vera said...

All of the above :)

The Sorensens said...

RS lessons. I have those comming up to teach too, and would love your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see you blog on modesty! I am not a Mormon but always seem to agree with everything you write! I would love to hear your thoughts ESP because you are a mommy of girls. Not that modesty doesn't affect our sons but particularly with all the clothing that is being sold for us and little girls nowadays. Thanks :)