Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Final dance party

So this week is our FINAL Dance Party!!! It is still on Wed night at 8:30. I will be making dueling double chocolate truffles. (2 different brands of chocolate creme cookies. we will see if we like one better than the other.) I will also have some caramelized onion and feta cup appetizers I picked up at Trader Joes. And I may have a fun drink to share as well. 

Feel free to come as your favorite judge. I am brushing up on my Lil C speak. Anyone know where I can get my hair done in corn rows? ;)

Hope to see you there!


Alesha said...

I have read your blog for a really long time but have never commented. I wanted to let you know that you have been a strength to me as I have just lost my newborn son. Thank you for writing and being honest.

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

You would look pretty "Buck"~ have a good time! They are all wonderful dancers and I can't wait to see who wins!