Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who's Who?

Can you tell which of these two is Harrison? I think I know who he looks like. Same mouth. Same nose. Same dark hair. I have been holding him every possible moment and hating having to get up to do anything on my do list. I just want to hold him and enjoy his snuggly self every minute.

Last night Harrison fell asleep on my chest while I was burping him. I sat and rocked him sound asleep for about two hours. I knew I would be tired today for it. I knew I should just put him down and go to bed. But how much longer do I have before he won't sit still anymore? How many more times will I be able to just sit in the dark quiet hours of my house with no distractions and everyone else asleep and just listen to his gentle breathing? Not enough. So last night I just savored the snuggles and sacrificed the sleep. I'll catch up on the missed sleep someday.

He reminds me how precious every moment is just by looking at him. I see so much of her in him. The top photo is Camille. The second is Harrison. Time is a precious thing when you have such precious people to spend it with.


Emily in Wonderland said...

That is beautiful.

Hold him as long as he wants to be held my dear. All night if he'll let you. <3

All the things you're not saying.. I'm hearing them in my head. Hold your baby as long as you can. We all love you; even if we're never met.

Anonymous said...

what a precious gift. camille is a beautiful little girl and mr. harrison is beautiful too. :) hold him tight for howeve long he will let you .

Heather B said...

This post reminds me of "Song for a Fifth Child" by Ruth Hamilton. Look it up. I'm sure you'll like it. You have such a beautiful way with words and I enjoy reading your blog.
Side note: I have a "Noble" in my family history and wanted to name one of my sons Noble, but I got outvoted. So I am loving that you named your son that. :)