Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family Newsletters-- HELP!

I have been asked to teach a class this weekend on keeping in touch with your family through newsletters or blogging. I have never done a family newsletter and neither of our families does one. I am wondering if any of you faithful readers are in a family that does the family newsletter thing.

If so can you PLEASE email me and maybe send me a copy of one of your newsletters? I would LOVE to have several examples to show the class how different people do this.

stephaniewaite (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you in advance. I have faith that someone out there will email me about this ... right?


Cheryl said...

just sent you one!

Mythreesons said...

I don't know where my copies are of our family newsletters, but we did them for years. Call me if you want my thoughts. I might be able to round one up someplace.

Chelsa said...

i don't keep them, but my great uncle (my gpas brother) does one for their christmas cards each year- he types out a paragraph about each month and sends it in the card :) i always look forward to those!

Rebecca Whitcomb North said...

I've been writing a monthly newsletter since June 2006 to send my family. I have a good size binder full of them now. I'll send you a copy. Mine mainly focuses on photographs I've taken throughout the month with a short blurb of what happened. It's amazing to see how much everyone has changed!

hwscutie said...

Have you written and put everything together? Here's a link to my father's family newsletter, it's been going on for more than 28 years and has taken a new format to keep up with technology and make it easier to submit articles

JimandDebby said...

No great earth shattering ideas here, but one thing that we have recently discovered is Facebook private groups. My kids set up an Erickson sibling group and if a new post is added it sends an e-mail to everyone in the group. I love it! I don't get on face book that much so I love getting the e-mail notification. Good Luck, you will do a wonderful job.

jimnalli said...

For ours ive done it through email (technology is wonderful) to gather information. I have sent out a questionnaire to get fun answers from family members. I add family recipes, jokes and then all the emailed updates with pictures from each family go in the newsletter.
We have a large family so its several pages. I put pictures from most recent reunions, any missionaries, baptisms, one year several members ran the marathon in st. george so I put photos from that in the newsletter..anything that would be of interest to the family is great. Its fun to put OLD pictures in too. especially like old halloween pictures or pictures with several members of the extended family so more people are interested in the photo. people have loved that. Family quotes or traditions/family memories, etc. can all go into the newsletter.
Here is the questionnaire I sent out

family questionnaire for 2008 reunion:
Instructions: Please choose and answer any 3 of these questions. Send your answers to before May1, 2008. Thank you!

1. What is your most embarrassing moment?

2. Tell about a family memory (either from Thanksgiving/Christmas parties or just being with any of the cousins/Aunts/Uncles or Grandma and Grandpa)

3. What’s the funniest/strangest thing you’ve ever seen/done?

4. What’s the most favorite calling in church you’ve ever had and why?

5. Who is your hero and why?

6. What do you admire most about Grandma & Grandpa ?

7. What do you admire most about any of Tom and Kit’s 9 kids?

8. What is your dream job or dream future?

I will try to email you a newsletter. I actually have none of my family newsletters on this computer so I will email you our primary newsletter to give an idea. Good luck!

jimnalli said...

sorry! I just realized you posted this on WEdnesday so my information is probably too late! sorry! Im sure it went well!