Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The True Spirit Part II

Jesus taught us that when we serve our fellow man we are really serving Him. So what better way to get into the True Spirit of Christmas than to serve someone who is in need. Maybe we don't daily come across people in our path that have real dire needs. But there are people out there everyday, in every city, with dire needs. Maybe we feel their needs are too big for us to help in any real way. But any small offering to a person in great need will be felt in the soul with gratitude.

So my challenge today is to reach out and serve someone in need - real need. I have been in real need before and had others there to serve me in small but meaningful ways. It is the best gift ever. Today I intend to give that gift to someone else.

Perhaps you would love to join me in this challenge but can't think of anyone to serve. May I present a suggestion.

Just a minute ago I checked my email and saw a comment on my last post from Jenny (an admitted follower/stalker of my blog since Camille's passing.) In her comment she told me that her 14 month old son died in his sleep last night. I will be calling Jenny today, as soon as I can get my kids settled so that I can give her my attention.

I know how it feels to be Jenny - shell shocked and stunned and sadder than words can ever describe. I can only imagine how it would be to have this tragedy hit just before Christmas. One thing that helped me was the overwhelming support I got through this blog and all the comments of love and support and the packages that showed up from friends and strangers alike. They were small things that meant a great deal to me in my darkest hours.

So if you don't have a better idea, go over to her blog and leave a comment for Jenny and her family to let them know they are loved and supported. Then go say a heartfelt prayer for them. If I get her permission I will post an address where we can send care packages to them on this post later, after I talk to her.

Hopefully this will be the most meaningful gift we give this year, the gift of love and support to one in real need and consequently to our Savior.


Anonymous said...

i just went and read her blog. what a sad story. im sure she will appreciate your tender words of advise and your prayers as well. i will keep her and her entire family in my prayers too.

Anonymous said...

I also am an admitted stalker. I have a coworker whose adult daughter died in a car accident recently. While we were not previously friends, your blog has helped me to reach out to her and she has said to me over and over "thank for being there, thank you for listening". So Stephanie, THANK YOU for helping me, teaching me to help her. Susan

Ryan & Brooke said...

Thank you for reaching out to Jenny and for asking others to do the same. Jenny was one of my roomates at BYU. Let me tell you she is an amazingly spiritual powerhourse and I have no doubt she will make it through this, it will be hell I am sure, but she will make it. Thank you for reaching out and comforting our friend.