Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I saw this today via Nie Nie. All I can say is WOW. Wow.

SYTYCD Finale Party my house tonight at 8:30 ish.


Meredith and Jason said...

I have been a long time reader of you blog and love it. I love your example of faith and hope.

I made a post in the wee hours of this morning titled "wow"... with this very same video... so I had to smile when I saw your post. Great minds think alike! :)

Katie Jo said...

My friend posted this on facebook a few days ago. She was driving with her 2 kids in the car and a teenager ran the red light and t-boned her. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt and flew out of the car and was in ICU for a few weeks. Her 4 year old daughter died and her other son had a few minor injuries. It took her a long time to forgive that driver. When her daughter passed I actually recommended she read your blog because of your faith in your times of trial also. I don't know if she ever did, but I thought your words were better than mine. This is a very amazing video. :)

shanan said...

yes. wow! I've watched this a couple of times now (it's on also) and I'm just amazed.

The Robinson's said...

I agree...WOW! That was truly amazing!

Thank you for sharing this.

LaRae said...

Steph - I've seen this a few times and I think - if HE can forgive, anyone should be able to forgive! Wow is right - there is not much you can even say!

Did you know that Jared has a tie to this family through his wife Katie? Katie's brother-in-law (married to her sister) is the brother to the woman (Michelle) who died in this car accident. Katie's sister had a baby and named her Anna - after her cousin who died in this accident.

Cardalls said...

We lived in the same ward as the Williams when we were first married, I vividly remember when Anna was born. Michelle was a beautiful person and I wanted to be a Mom just like her someday. i love how he gives credit to the Savior....that is the only way i can even fathom forgiveness in this instance! He was the bishop of their ward when this happened, they were/are a great family.