Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dance with Me

Watching the Finale tonight, a thought hit me as I watched this piece by Travis Wall. He choreographed it about his mother's battle with (what I read somewhere) breast cancer. It was touching thinking of it in that light. But tonight when I watched it I looked at it with broader eyes.

Tonight I saw myself as the woman in this piece. And immediately the one "fixing" me took on the role of the Savior. He doesn't take all the pain away. He just gently nudges here and lifts there to get me going at those moments when I just feel like I can't do it on my own.

The middle part shows the anger and passion of grief and how the Savior lets us alone to feel these but is never far from us and he understands these emotions and feels them with us. I love how it starts and she is so devastated and then he catches her in her fall and then after the passion and "fight" in the middle section she if laid low yet again and he helps her walk forward, guiding her and helping, ever so gently to lift her feet.

I am grateful for a Savior who understands and is willing to share the dance - through both the good, bad, the stumbling and the fighting with me.

Can you see yourself in this dance too?


Ben and Taryn said...

You've just helped me love this dance even more. What great insight!

Karey said...

Definitely. This was the best dance of the season, in my opinion and I love your take on it.

Your blog is beautiful.

Diana Lesjak said...

Beautiful thoughts! I loved this dance!

All American Family said...

Beautiful - I love how this can apply to so many situations in life. I felt like this after my recent miscarriage – like I just needed someone to pick me up and carry me for a bit. So thankful for my husband who did just that. So many strong emotions that others may or may not see. Most importantly, though, thankful for a Father in Heaven who sees ALL of our emotions, struggles, everything, and helps us keep going when we feel like we just can’t do it on our own.

Andrea said...

I loved this dance too! Love Travis.

Susan Anderson said...

It was beautiful, wasn't it? And this additional interpretation makes it even more so.